Neurobehavioral disorders

Transforming how neurobehavioral disorders are understood

Many diagnoses and treatments for neurobehavioral disorders are determined by the presence (or absence) of symptoms and behaviors rather than the underlying neurobiology. Consequently, patients with different underlying biology may be given the same treatment, resulting in low response rates.

We believe that patients need more targeted approaches. We are using the latest scientific and technological advances to find new neurobehavioral therapies.

Modulating brain circuits to help change the management of neurobehavioral health

Neurobehavioral Disorders Tubes

Targeting treatment based on neurobiology

Selecting the best therapeutic targets for the appropriate patient groups hinges on understanding both the patient’s behaviors and the underlying neurobiological cause of their disorder. To that end, we are developing novel approaches to better understand symptoms in patients. We are identifying dysregulated brain circuits with novel tools and digital biomarkers to help target our therapeutics.

As dysregulated neural circuits are likely relevant to numerous neurobehavioral disorders, our therapeutics have the potential to help patients based on their specific symptoms, neurobiology and needs across diagnoses.