A leading-edge approach to neurobehavioral health

Through a circuit-based approach to understanding neurobehavioral health, we are integrating the discovery and development of novel therapeutics with advanced data science techniques and technologies to transform drug discovery for neurobehavioral health.

Using digital biomarkers and tools to better understand patient populations

Utilizing proprietary brain imaging and developing digital biomarkers

Our transformational approach to developing targeted neurobehavioral therapeutics:

  • Understand Patients – We are using proprietary brain imaging and functional assessment tools to define patient subpopulations based on underlying circuit biology.
  • Identify and Validate Drug Targets – We are identifying key receptors in dysregulated brain circuits as pipeline drug targets.
  • Develop Digital and Brain-Based Biomarkers – We are developing digital biomarkers and tools to assist in patient selection.
  • Integrate State-of-the-Art Data Science into Discovery and Clinical Development – We are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate deeper insights into our drug discovery and clinical development processes.

Furthering targeted medicine via artificial intelligence

We collect rich and complex digital data sets. To make sense of them, we tackle terabytes of data from an ever-widening range of modalities, using a highly-scalable, cloud-based infrastructure and the latest-generation machine learning approaches that allow us to generate valuable insights at exciting speed. Our one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary data science and technology teams bring together machine learning experts, neuroscientists, clinicians, software engineers and cloud technology architects to merge academic-level scientific rigor with industry-level efficiency. This unique combination of technology and data science positions us at the leading edge of neurobehavioral therapeutics.